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Shutter Island film review [ Spoiler ]

Ive been waiting a while to see Shutter island not only because of the Leonardo eye candy but because it genuinely looked like a film i would enjoy. You can imagine my excitement when Seren suggest we go see it for her birthday! (Maybe a little too excited for the average person) So anyway i raded the sweet shops and sat myself down in the middle of the cinema and waited to be blown away!

I admit at the beginning i though this was a remake of Agatha Christies Poirot as it started slow. Never fear though as the plot soon thickened with all sorts of twists and turns to keep my eyes quite literally glued to the screen.

I think i would have been completely relaxed sitting there watching a good film if only that John malkovitch looking man didn't keep coming back and telling us to keep out feet of the seats bellow us. It's not like anyone else was sitting there and its not our fault we have long legs! He would just stand there staring at us , honestly he was scarier than the film its self. Who the hell hired that man?

Apart from blood Diamond i haven't seen Leonardo DiCaprio in many films recently. Blood Diamond was also a great film that i actually bothered to own. Unfortunately Leonardo reaches a sticky end in that film too...the same as Titanic.....and Romeo and Juliet...Come to think of it i don't think Ive seen a film where Leonardo DiCaprio does not die! Hmmm well that's an interesting discovery Ive just stumbled on, Maybe the directors know the ending to a film will be far more emotional if Leonardo died because everyone is already in love with him. (Counting me)

Back to shutter Island, The ending was sad but a good twist. I was expecting somewhere down the line that Teddy would be insane and either have to stay on the island or already has been a patient at the hospital. there was allot of interesting insidents and charectors to the story though even to the point where i was just confused ,thankfully it managed to explain itself in the end.


I like how the film was set in 1954 instead of present day because it added a slightly spookier vibe to everything, especially since this was a hospital for the criminally insane and back in those days they would have been allot more cruel. Plus the Nurse uniforms where cool and it gave Leonardo a chance to pull of that 50s hair cut with style. If the film had been set in present day it would have just been another one of those retarded films where spooky things happen in a mental hospital and nobody wants to see another one of those bloody films.

There was no obvious special effects usage on this film, thank god. I get sick of those 3 hour long film just watching the quality of the graphics. Yeah they're amazing and jaw dropping to the point i believe I'm there but they go on forever and nobody bothered to put a good plot line into it. I'm afraid i enjoyed Shutter island more than Alice in wonderland not that i think its fair to compare them as they're completely different sorts of films. I think Tim Burton did a fantastic job in recreating Alice and wonderland but even though he added a new plot i get sick of the whole wonderland scenario. I give Shutter island 9/10

Well that's another film reviewed,

My Overall rating: ☆☆☆☆-
Film Quote:Teddy Daniels: Baby, I love this because you gave it to me, but it is one fuckin ugly tie.
Genre: Drama, Action Adventure, Mystery thriller
Tagline: Someone is missing.
Rated: R
Directed By: Martin Scorsese
Written By: Laeta Kalogridis
Distributor:Paramount Studios
Release Date(UK):12 March 2010

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Shutter Islaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!! :D :D

*birthday nostalgia*

Tbf, Leo was a bit of a 50's babe xD he pulled off the square suit thing. LMAO FORGOT ABOUT THAT FOOKING TELLING US TO PUT OUR FEET DOWN >_> xD

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