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Happy Halloween! [The tortured review]

Last Sunday was Halloween (in case you lIve on mars and dident know that!) and i spent my Halloween in the cinema watching Paranormal activity 2.
As you can see we got dressed up for the occasion and got into the whole Halloween spirit!
It just wouldn't have been Halloween without a face full of blood
(or a face full of ketchup as it looks in the pictures.)
I was a Zombie Nurse , Claire a Vampire and Seren a werewolf.
Probably the most cliche characters in horror but isn't that what Halloween is all about.
Over the past Halloween week i have indulged  into a few horror film just to get into the mood.
Two films Ive been watching are The Tortured and Freaks.
two very different films but two good ones.
The first thing i knew about the film "The Tortured" was that it was from the creators of saw.
From there i can pretty much guarantee that the film will contain strong gore and will most definitely have a twist at the end that contains dramatic music and flash back scenes!
This is pretty much the layout of Dead silence and all the saw films.
(i haven't seen saw 3D yet)
So i watched the film and lo and behold i was right.
The film was very gruesome and it didn't disappoint with the ending.
I think what i like about this film is how they've made the Victims turn around and become the villains.
That's pretty entertaining to watch because its shows how these perfectly sane middle class people are drIven mad by revenge to the point where they become psychotic ,sick , twisted and eventually turn into monsters themselves.
I think it's the things they say more than what they do. they say things like...

"I'm going to cut off your air so your left craving it so bad your going to wish you were drowning so you have the choice to open your mouth and let water fill your lungs so you can stop the suffering. But you dont have a that choice. Death is too easy."

Something along those lines anyway.
Theyre always coming up with  psypho phrases.
 I think they might be enjoying torturing him a little bit too much if you ask me.
 Another thing that's weird is how this film makes you actually sympathise with the bad guy.
There is ofcourse a part of me that thinks he deserves it and if he stole , tortured and killed my son id probabbly brake off his toes aswell!
 The couple torture him so badly that you start to feel sorry for him despite everything.
I like how mind mixing this films is . It's good to have a film mess with my thoughts.
I don't remember this being in the cinema though, i don't understand why its a straight to DVD film when it deserves to have its place on the big screen.
Anyway i'd like to go into more detail about this film but i can feel my eyelids falling and i really should get some sleep.
Happy Halloween everyone!
 Mwa ha ha!!


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I love those pics, I think that it possibly the best Hannah/Seren photoshoot ever xD That picture of you I actually want tattooed on my skin.

Yaaaay I love your movie reviews :D That film sounds good, and I totally agree that shit like that is straight to dvd and other CRAP like Pirahanna 3D gets put on the big screen >__>....

Love the megaawsome blog, LOVE YOU MISS PRONGS :D <333333

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