Happy Halloween! [The tortured review]
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Last Sunday was Halloween (in case you lIve on mars and dident know that!) and i spent my Halloween in the cinema watching Paranormal activity 2.
As you can see we got dressed up for the occasion and got into the whole Halloween spirit!
It just wouldn't have been Halloween without a face full of blood
(or a face full of ketchup as it looks in the pictures.)
I was a Zombie Nurse , Claire a Vampire and Seren a werewolf.
Probably the most cliche characters in horror but isn't that what Halloween is all about.
Over the past Halloween week i have indulged  into a few horror film just to get into the mood.
Two films Ive been watching are The Tortured and Freaks.
two very different films but two good ones.
The first thing i knew about the film "The Tortured" was that it was from the creators of saw.
From there i can pretty much guarantee that the film will contain strong gore and will most definitely have a twist at the end that contains dramatic music and flash back scenes!
This is pretty much the layout of Dead silence and all the saw films.
(i haven't seen saw 3D yet)
So i watched the film and lo and behold i was right.
The film was very gruesome and it didn't disappoint with the ending.
I think what i like about this film is how they've made the Victims turn around and become the villains.
That's pretty entertaining to watch because its shows how these perfectly sane middle class people are drIven mad by revenge to the point where they become psychotic ,sick , twisted and eventually turn into monsters themselves.
I think it's the things they say more than what they do. they say things like...

"I'm going to cut off your air so your left craving it so bad your going to wish you were drowning so you have the choice to open your mouth and let water fill your lungs so you can stop the suffering. But you dont have a that choice. Death is too easy."

Something along those lines anyway.
Theyre always coming up with  psypho phrases.
 I think they might be enjoying torturing him a little bit too much if you ask me.
 Another thing that's weird is how this film makes you actually sympathise with the bad guy.
There is ofcourse a part of me that thinks he deserves it and if he stole , tortured and killed my son id probabbly brake off his toes aswell!
 The couple torture him so badly that you start to feel sorry for him despite everything.
I like how mind mixing this films is . It's good to have a film mess with my thoughts.
I don't remember this being in the cinema though, i don't understand why its a straight to DVD film when it deserves to have its place on the big screen.
Anyway i'd like to go into more detail about this film but i can feel my eyelids falling and i really should get some sleep.
Happy Halloween everyone!
 Mwa ha ha!!


Shutter Island film review [ Spoiler ]

Ive been waiting a while to see Shutter island not only because of the Leonardo eye candy but because it genuinely looked like a film i would enjoy. You can imagine my excitement when Seren suggest we go see it for her birthday! (Maybe a little too excited for the average person) So anyway i raded the sweet shops and sat myself down in the middle of the cinema and waited to be blown away!

I admit at the beginning i though this was a remake of Agatha Christies Poirot as it started slow. Never fear though as the plot soon thickened with all sorts of twists and turns to keep my eyes quite literally glued to the screen.

I think i would have been completely relaxed sitting there watching a good film if only that John malkovitch looking man didn't keep coming back and telling us to keep out feet of the seats bellow us. It's not like anyone else was sitting there and its not our fault we have long legs! He would just stand there staring at us , honestly he was scarier than the film its self. Who the hell hired that man?

Apart from blood Diamond i haven't seen Leonardo DiCaprio in many films recently. Blood Diamond was also a great film that i actually bothered to own. Unfortunately Leonardo reaches a sticky end in that film too...the same as Titanic.....and Romeo and Juliet...Come to think of it i don't think Ive seen a film where Leonardo DiCaprio does not die! Hmmm well that's an interesting discovery Ive just stumbled on, Maybe the directors know the ending to a film will be far more emotional if Leonardo died because everyone is already in love with him. (Counting me)

Back to shutter Island, The ending was sad but a good twist. I was expecting somewhere down the line that Teddy would be insane and either have to stay on the island or already has been a patient at the hospital. there was allot of interesting insidents and charectors to the story though even to the point where i was just confused ,thankfully it managed to explain itself in the end.


I like how the film was set in 1954 instead of present day because it added a slightly spookier vibe to everything, especially since this was a hospital for the criminally insane and back in those days they would have been allot more cruel. Plus the Nurse uniforms where cool and it gave Leonardo a chance to pull of that 50s hair cut with style. If the film had been set in present day it would have just been another one of those retarded films where spooky things happen in a mental hospital and nobody wants to see another one of those bloody films.

There was no obvious special effects usage on this film, thank god. I get sick of those 3 hour long film just watching the quality of the graphics. Yeah they're amazing and jaw dropping to the point i believe I'm there but they go on forever and nobody bothered to put a good plot line into it. I'm afraid i enjoyed Shutter island more than Alice in wonderland not that i think its fair to compare them as they're completely different sorts of films. I think Tim Burton did a fantastic job in recreating Alice and wonderland but even though he added a new plot i get sick of the whole wonderland scenario. I give Shutter island 9/10

Well that's another film reviewed,

My Overall rating: ☆☆☆☆-
Film Quote:Teddy Daniels: Baby, I love this because you gave it to me, but it is one fuckin ugly tie.
Genre: Drama, Action Adventure, Mystery thriller
Tagline: Someone is missing.
Rated: R
Directed By: Martin Scorsese
Written By: Laeta Kalogridis
Distributor:Paramount Studios
Release Date(UK):12 March 2010

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Final Fantasy 13 review

Waw 13 Final Fantasy games. Has there really been that many? I only own 2 of them and i borrowed the 13Th. I have Final Fantasy 9 and 10 and dear me there is allot of differences between the 2. FF9 was on the PlayStation and the characters where really small and stumpy like little hobbits. I used to play it and have absolutely no idea what was going on .It was waaaaaaaay to complicated with all the different spells , weapons , antidotes , crystals and that sort of stuff. In battles i used to just keep pressing down the X button and hoping for the best. More often than not that would actually win the battle. I hated the fact that every time you took a step forward a flashing light would come on because you've stumbled onto an enemy that you now have to defeat. What the hell is this, Pokemon? Anyway if you don't defeat them then you wont be strong enough to defeat the boss and move on with the levels. I don't think there was actually any game play in the whole thing there was just endless battles. The sad thing is you don't get to catch them in a pokeball at the end either you just get the pride of winning. There was 4 whole discs of this and i got abut half way through the 1st one and lost the will to live. Sure the graphics were amazing for that time and it was fun being able to name the characters whatever you wanted (in my case it was often poo and bum so the story line could be allot more interesting...i was a sick child) but as for the game it was just too boring for words.

FF10 however was allot better. This was on PlayStation 2 and the graphics were amazing. I always found Tidus annoying but i suppose you grow to love him as the game goes on. As annoying as i found Tidus words cant describe how annoying Yuna was, Her voice was enough to agitate me. Anyway the games story line was what made this game so great. Take that away and your back to Final Fantasy 9 with the endless battles. I mean for god sake there's only so many health potions you can go through. Anyway again i never finished the game although i got allot closer to the end than FF9.

Looks like a skipped 2 games and went straight to Final Fantasy 13. Now its out on the Xbox360 and the graphics are unbelievably amazing! I love the characters (nobody is annoying me yet) and i love the story line and you don't get that annoying flash of light that tells you that you've stumbled on an enemy, Instead you can actually see when there's an enemy approaching because it will be there in front of you. Another thing i like about this game is that when you are battling an enemy you don't have to take turns in attacking each other anyone can just go for it and beat the shit out of each other at free will. As well as this everything is allot less complicated then the other games and i understand where i am and whats going on. However despite this being a definite improvement on the other games i still find an enemy every 5 seconds or so. Its annoying and basically all the level are the same just with different enemy's. There's 4 discs of this game and I'm not sure I'm going to Finnish it but I'm hanging in there and giving FF13 a fair shot. So far it's going well.


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