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The Marauders Map Tutorial

I created a replica of the Marauders Map from the Harry Potter films. So far i have only finnished the front cover.


Ive been in a very creative mood recently. I don't know if this is because I'm bored or because I've spent a year taking an art course and now i cant stop! I think it's more likely that I'm just very bored. So anyway i decided to recreate the Marauders map from the film. I fist needed to create the map. This was the hardest part of the whole thing! One of the marauders must have been a master of origami or something because its damn impossible to fold. I tried to keep everything neat but failed miserably. Basically you need one middle piece and 7 folded pieces coming from either end. I used 3 A3 pieces of paper and clued them together. From there i just kind of went with the flow and started gluing on pieces here and there trying to make them match up and to tell you the truth it was a blood nightmare. If you haven't made it before just look at images of the map on google and just try and create it how you see it. This is what i did . Don't worry if you screw up because i must have got through a whole tree before i eventually got the right size and shape.


If you were truly blessed and managed to make the map without needing therapy or anger management - give yourself a nice pat on the back. Because your a fucking genius. Moving onto the messy bit. Now you need to make the map look all old so its time to drink allot of tea and coffee. You know what you gotta do ;)

All that's dry , now you have to iron it all out until its quite thin and flat.

Once you've done that you can now put that too one side. Next grab a piece of tracing paper and go to the link...

You'll need to flip this image over horizontally in paint then print the image out and trace it. If you don't have a printer at home then just go to the link , flip the image over into paint.blow the screenup to 340% and then just trace from your screen. If you do what i did and forget to flip the image over don't panic! You can still transfer the image you just traced out by covering the back of the tracing paper in pencil, then placing the tracing paper pencil side down onto the map then tracing over the image again!

If you've traced the image properly then just place the tracing paper onto the marauders map. The image you just traced must be facing the map. Now secure this in place with a few paper clips so it wont move about. Now all you need to do is get a thick pencil and go over everything. Just go crazy! This will then print a guideline onto our map. Don't worry if it's messy and looks utter shaiit because this is your template.When you're done it should look something like this.->

  • Red ink
  • a lot of patience
  • a steady hand

You need to go over the template in ink. I used Winsor & Newton, Of course you can try and draw the image onto the map free style but i highly advise that you don't. If you trace it the outcome will look far more professional and in proportion.

Right so the next step happens to be my favourite because its fun fun fun!! You will need...

  • Calligraphy penDeep Red ink and a calligraphy pen made out of Italian glass from monico(but you don't need to be so picky any calligraphy pen will do.

Remember to blot your pen so you don't get loads of gloopy red dots everywhere. Be patient and take your time with every small little detail to get the best result.

 You are now free to wonder around Hogwarts!

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I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!

Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

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