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Animal i have become. [Harry Potter FanFiction]
Here is the first chappter to the Harry Potter fanfiction im working on.
Dont expect amazing writting skills or an in depth plot.
This is just for fun ;)

Title : Animal i have become
Rating : PG13
Word Count : 400+
Pairiung : James/Lily , Remus/Sirius
Summary : Introduction and small background story.


Chapter 1

It was 1974 and the start to a cold wet, September. As well as the beginning of a new month today marked a more exiting event. An event Sirius Black and James potter had desperately been looking forward to all summer. Today was the first day back at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. The two young wizards were returning for the 5Th year with the same mischievous intentions to cause havoc and chaos amongst the Slytherin students and any professor that dare give them too much homework. They also had a specific student in mind that they found much pleasure in torturing. His name was Severus Snape but to James and Sirius he was nothing more than a slimey ,pathetic, pimple infested snivelling git.

Despite his childish mind, Sirius Black's appearance had changed allot over the summer. He had grown quite tall and his face had matured a great deal . The only thing giving away his youth was his wide cheeky smile that beamed joy and excitement. Sirius's hair had now grown shoulder length and was brushed neatly out of his face. Too any outsider Sirius Black would have looked like a well mannered, lovely young gentleman. James however, knowing Sirius better than anyone else , knew that he was in fact a devious , scheming wicked little bastard! Of course this is also why James thought he was the most brilliant person he had ever met.

Like Sirius , James too shared a love for chaos and causing trouble. He had a strong jaw line ,pale skin and jet black hair that stuck up all over the place. James wore round glasses that he was never really fond of. Of course this never damaged his confidence. He Walked with a certain swagger and held his head up high with what could only be perceived as arrogance . He would often ware his cocky, one sided smirk which failed to impress a certain Gryffindor girl James had had his eye on. James’s pompous ways would just infuriate Lily Evans.

Sirius and James shared a loyal friendship and had done ever since they're very first day at Hogwarts. This is why when Sirius finally had enough of his obnoxious family and ran away from home he turned to James. The potters were of course happy take him in and treat him with the up most courtesy and respect. Something that was unheard of at the black Household. James was delighted to have someone to tease , torment and play pranks on but deep down he was overjoyed to be in the company of his best friend.


Chapter 2

James Potter looked at his reflection in the train window for what seemed like the hundredth time. He would ruffle his hair only for it to fall into the exact same place it started in. He then went onto practise his many different smiles (each on as corney as the last). James Quickly stopped this, noticing Sirius was staring at him with an eyebrow raised and an expression of deep dissatisfaction.
"You do know Lily’s not around don't you?" Said Sirius
"Well i don’t want to bump into her looking like a prat who hadn’t bothered to comb his hair this morning do i?!"
"No your right because right now you most definitely do not look like a prat" Sirius scoffed and couldn’t help but smile at how hard James tried year after year to win over Lily Evans. Usually James had no problem getting a date . His handsome features made it easy to get a girl to fall head over heels for him. Lily however was different. Lily was clearly unimpressed by looks, popularity ,flowers, letters , poems and in some drastic cases Jame's love songs. The one person James had ever had real feelings for  didn’t like him back and not knowing why drove him crazy and even more determined to change her mind.

James scowled and forcefully opened up the Daily prophet turning his attention to a crossword.
His eyes watched the crossword clue but his mind wondered to his imaginary world he created holding Lily in his arms standing outside a huge 3 story house in the country with they’re kids running around the grounds with smiles on they’re faces. It looked like a scene from a cheesy sitcom from the 50's. James hadn’t noticed that his eyes were no longer looking at the paper he was holding in front of him but instead they were stairing into space.
Sirius clicked his fingers at Jame's awakening him from his cheery day dreams.
"For god sake Prongs! You better not be going all lovey dovey in your old age, She's not worth all this fuss over , she's just a silly girl." Said Sirius
James looked disgusted at what his best friend had just blurted out.
"You take that back! Lily isent like the other girls. She's special to me even if she might not feel that same way about me just yet! " James was now gettng flusterd.
Sirius sniggered again "Well i think we established that a while ago James, i mean she absolutely hates you, just looking at you makes her literally want to vom-"
"Yes thank you Sirius!!" Said James through gritted teeth then turning his attention to the window once again.

The day light slowly became a dreary Grey before disappearing completely under the black night sky. Outside the ripples in the lake reflected the bright harvest moon above them. The black silhouette of trees stood swaying in the bitter breeze.Up further along on top of the rocky hills sat the darkened grounds of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.
The Hogwarts students were in awe as they looked at the beautiful seen before them. The first years were especially excited and all rushed to the windows not worrying if they stepped on theire friends toes or punched someone in the eye to get a better view.
“Another year” Said Sirius with a sigh
“Yup , and what a long year its going to be. You do realize we have our O.W.Ls this year don’t you?
Sirius let out a much more outrages sigh and slummped down into his chair. 
“Well that’s just great” Said Sirius  with his arms crossed across his chest.
“Mmmmh well on the up side I suppose I could persuade Lily to tutor me” James said this while while tapping his chin with his fingers in though.
Sirius whacked James over the head with the rolled up Daily Prophet
James wasent impressed and checked his hair again to see if Sirius had done any damage.

Chapter 3

James pocked his head out of the train compartment door to see if anyone was leaving. Nobody had yet left they’re seats.
“Oi!” Said James in a whisper while knocking on the compartment door opposite him.
Sitting inside was a very large boy sitting on his own surrounded by sweets and chocolate rappers. all that was left of the food inside was smothered across his chins.
Peter Pettingrew was licking the melted chocolate off his fingers when he noticed James standing there.
“Oi peter! what’s going on?” Said James sliding the door open”
Before replying Peter reached into his pocket and pulled out another chocolate frog.
“Well…nom nom..those prefects…nom..They gotta… nom… nom …… have a look about to see …nom...if everything’s…nom..nom..alright don’t they”
James looked at peter completely repulsed and slid the door shut shaking his head.
James noticed Lily Evans walking towards him and instantly forgot all about peters chins. He tried smiling politely but as usual it came out as an arrogant smirk.
“Ah, Mr Potter Any particular reason your out of your compartment?”
James looked confused but then noticed Lily was wearing a prefects badge
“Ohhh You’re perfect.“
Lily raised an eyebrow while James coughed awkwardly
“what I meant to say was ohh you’re a prefect? Should of known old Dumbledore would have picked you.”
“flattery wont get you anywhere with me so I have to ask you to get back into your compartment and stay there until you receive further instruction”
“Alright alright no need to get pissy”
“I’d watch my tongue if I were you Potter, otherwise i might just have to cut it off"
“Oh we cant have that , I wouldn’t know what to do without my tongue” James grinned
“Really? I think it would be quite the improvement” This time it was Lily who gave James a bitter and amug smirk. She ticked his and Sirius’s name of the clipboard in front of her and continued down the train without another word.
James sighed and smiled as he watched Lily’s voluminous hair swish back and forth.
“I’m in love with her Sirius”
“Oh sit down you Tosser”

Chapter 4

*Hey I wonder who’s the boy prefect for Gryffindor” Said James shovelling potatoes onto his plate.
Sirius shrugged his shoulders
“Well whoever it is I’m going to have to keep a close eye on, I don’t want him using this as an excuse to perv on Lily” Said James in all seriousness
Sirius snorted “Isn’t that what you do?”
James frowned “I do not perv on her, I’m quite the gentleman I have you know”
“Yeah, she still hates your guts though doesn’t she”
Before James has a chance to argue back he felt a huge hand pounding his shoulder
Peter was trying to get his attention whilst holding a chicken leg in his other fat greasy hand.
“What peter!?”
“I know ….nom….Who the the Gryffindor boy prefect is, its that Lupin boy innit…nom” He said now moving onto the lamb.
“Lupin? Who the hell is lupin?”
“Ya know Remus Lupin ….nom….that quiet boy , not a lot of friends, reads and does his homework all bloody day….nom …bit of a freak if you ask me” Said Peter with his mouth full of food.
“Ohhhh him, I know who your talking about. Well thank gods it’s him, I thought I was going to have some competition.” Said James through a smirk
Suddenly a carrot came flying at james and hit him in the face
“What the hell” Said James
Sirius was staring at James, it was him that threw the carrot, he then lent in closer to whisper.
“James! He’s sitting just there”
James looked down the table and noticed Lily was scowling at him. Remus lupin was sitting opposite her pretending not to have heard them and swivelling a spoon through his pumpkin soup.
Remus had short ,light brown hair that was carefully groomed but still didn’t manage to lie completely flat. His face was tense and uneasy and had many deep scars and cuts. Underneath this was a handsome young man but Remus was far to quiet and held back for anyone to notice. Lily was the only person that bothered to get to know Remus and they had become good friends because of it. Lily was delighted to have someone to talk about books and spend hours in the library with and Remus was just happy to finally have someone to call a friend.
James turned away and looked back at Sirius.
“Shit” said James pushing his plate aside

Chapter 5

It was a bright Monday morning and the great hall was buzzing with the sound of Hogwarts students talking over breakfast and going over they’re new time tables. The Gryffindor 5th years had Herbologie first thing. The plump jolly woman named Madam Pomfrey decided to start the year with a nice easy lesson , squishing thee puss out of bubotubers.

Madam Pomfrey was quick to remind the class not to get the puss on your skin as it causes horrible boils . James and Sirius both looked at each other with an all knowing smirk. James then casually whispered without moving his lips.
“I think we should save some of this for snivellus”
James stole an abandoned jar from under the table and started to pour some of the puss into it. the puss was lumpy and gooey and smelt of peters breath . He would save this for later.

That afternoon The Gryffindor and Slytherin’s both had Defence against the dark arts and nobody was more excited than Sirius. Although Sirius didn’t mix with dark magic and did his best to alienate himself from his pure blood loving family , he was still fascinated by the dark arts. No subject was “cooler” in his opinion. Sirius scoffed his dinner down quickly (still not quite as quick as peter who had 2 rounds of everything and a chocolate cake with a mound of ice cream).

Everyone arrived at defense against the dark arts class on time and today’s lesson was dedicated to mastering the patronus charm. The students watched with they’re eyes transfixed and they’re mouths wide open as the professor demonstrated the patronus in front of them.
“Expecto Patronum!!” he bellowed and a huge wild panther ran around the classroom in a puff of blue smoke.
The charm wore off and the panther disappeared.
“Very tricky charm to master but I believe with my help and your determination you will be able to produce a full patronum charm by the end of this year ,if not before Christmas.” Said the professor.
There were a few loud sniggers and students rolling they’re eyes thinking it would probably take them the rest of they’re years in Hogwarts to get the patronus right.
James on the other hand was wearing a smug grin and nodding to himself thinking he could probably conjure a patronus in his sleep with his wand stuck up his arse.
“Now c’mon everyone, really it’s not as hard as it looks. here ill show you.” The professor looked around the class and then stopped , closing his gaze onto Peter Pettingrew.
“You there, what’s your name boy?”
“Uh…Peter.” he squeaked looking guilty as he tried to hide the biscuits in his hand . He squishes the biscuit tight and the jam oozed onto his fingers.
“Peter please come up to the front of the class, you can be the first to show your fellow students how its done”
“No fanks”
“Now now don't be afraid peter, I’ll help you”The professor smiled kindly.
Peter sighed looking fed up and miserable. He eventually got out of his chair with great difficulty rocking back and forth to try and find his balance as he stood up. Peter was just as tall vertically as he was horizontally and his clothes were always a few sizes to small for him. As he got out of his chair the girl sitting behind him got a terrible view as she saw the top of his spotty arse crack hanging out of his pants .
She put her hands over her mouth in disgust.
Peter woddled his way to the front of the class stuffing his crushed biscuit into his back pocket and searching for his wand with his fat sticky fingers.
“Right then peter, I want you to think of the happiest memory you can think of and I want you to allow it to fill you up inside, can you do that for me?.”
James sniggers could be heard from across the classroom. He then whispered to Sirius.
“I don’t think he needs filling up anymore”
Sirius smirked then continued to watch Peter knowing too well that at any moment he was going to mess things up badly and make a fool of himself.
Peter and the professor ignored the comment and continued.
Peter closed his eyes so tight his expression turned into a scowl, he then pointed his wand forward.
“Right then, when you’re ready I want you to repeat the words e-x-p-e-c-t-o P-a-t-r-o-n-u-m , got it?”
Peter nodded and though long and hard about a book his grandmother had read to him as a child. He imagined himself going to a chocolate factory where everything was edible. This to Peter was heaven. He imagined himself swimming in the sea of chocolate milk and climbing chocolate trees and licking the candy covered rainbow. He would skip along joyfully across the chocolate meadow where the chocolate birds would sing and he could watch the chocolate sun setting. A friendly mob of oompa loompas would circle around him holding hands and singing his name while he sank to the ground making chocolate syrup angels with a huge dopey smile on his face.
“Exbecter potronom” He squeaked but nothing happened apart from a small spark of blue flickering out of his wand
The professor clapped but everyone else looked disappointed and bored by now.
“Well done peter that was very close, very close indeed…you can return to your seat now”
Peter gazed up in the air still half dreaming while he walked to his desk and flumped onto his seat.
“Right lets have one more shall we”
“Mmmmmm” came the mumblings off the classroom who were now finding it difficult to stay awake.
The professor once again looked around the classroom but this time gazed down upon Remus Lupin.
“Well there’s no need to ask your name Remus” the professor smiled
“Dumbledore has spoken very highly of you, care to give us a quick demonstration”
Remus went slightly pink as all eyes fell on him. Lily gave him a reassuring smile but this did not calm his nerves.
He discreetly got up from his chair and walked up to the front of the class clutching his arm apprehensively. He then took out his wand , pointed and closed his eyes pretending there was nobody there watching him.
Remus allowed his mind to wonder to the happiest he had ever felt. There wasn’t a lot of moments to choose from as Remus led quite a lonely life and shut him self away from everyone. He wasn’t a nasty person nor angry . Remus was the exact opposite, he was kind hearted and polite yet tense and troubled. The only happy memory Remus possessed was during a dream ,So he decided to use it.
He was stood outside in the dead of night staring up at the full moon . There was s smile on his face because for the first time in his life he was like everyone else, he was normal. He wasn’t afraid anymore and he would never have to be. He joined his friends back in Hogwarts castle , he had finally found happiness and was able to accept who he was.
“Expecto patronum” He shouted
A Grey wolf pounced down from Remus’s wand through the glowing blue sparks and across the class room just like the professors panther had done. Remus held on tight to his wand in disbelief to what he was doing. He never believed that he of all people would have been able to conjure the patronus charm as perfectly as the professor had done on the first lesson. Remus turned to the professor. He was smiling and laughing. Remus then glanced at the students who were, to his relief not staring at him but instead staring at the wolf. When the wolf finally vanished the attention went back to Remus as he tucked his wand away and looked towards the floor hopeing he could go and sit back onto his chair without another word.
“My goodness Remus you did it! That was absolutely perfect! 30 points to Gryffindor”
The Gryffindor side of the class room looked very satisfied by this., unlike the Slytherines who sat scowling in rage.
"Anyone with half a brain could do that" Severus snape muttered under his breath.
Remus went back to sit in his chair while the professor went on to explain what the homework for next week would be.
When Remus had sat down Sirius tapped him on the shoulder.
“When the bloody hell did you learn that? it was amazing!”
"Thank you"
Remus turned back around to face the front of the class and smiled to himself

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seren_canis ref'd me to your journal. :3

I really enjoyed reading this. I was wondering if you ever wrote more of it (since I don't see any more on your journal-- I wondered if it was friend locked or something xD).

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